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written by Jade September 17, 2012








So I came up with the crazy idea of DIY-ing my reception centerpieces and I really believe that I could recreate this for my wedding day. On Friday I went to the grocery store and bought in season flowers to create a centerpiece look. I have decided to have 8’ft rectangular reception tables instead of round tables because I really like the look. Each table will have 3 of these centerpieces lined up in the center of the table with chalkboard table numbers. Don’t mind the mini chalkboard above I hadn’t received the wooden dowels to place the mini chalkboard on. So what do you guys think? I actually love it but the colors will be like those of the color palette. I had to substitute fuchsia carnations for purple carnations because they weren’t available at the grocery store. Each month I plan on doing a “mockup” of the centerpieces. If y’all are interested in how I did these let me know and I’ll post a How-to.

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Pennerad September 19, 2012 at 12:09 am

I really like this. I made my friend’s bridesmaid accessories and everyone really liked the fact that it brought her own unique flair to the wedding.
I love the colors on this. And if you can swing it without overworking yourself-YOU are the lady of the day after all-you should definitely do it!


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