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written by Jade May 27, 2016

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In my search for a new bag I stumbled yet again (via ShopStyle.com) on these Belt Bags. I’m sure you all have noticed via my videos I prefer satchels, cross body and backpacks vs traditional handbags. I find it the utmost annoying having to carry my bag in my hands and love the mobility of a hand free bag . Therefore I’m really feelin’ these belt bags. They have just enough room for my wallet, phone and keys. Some people think they look too much like the dreaded “fanny pack” of the 80s. I believe as long as the bag has great structure and a timeless silhouette it will take you into the next decade without you saying “OMG why did I even buy this?”.


1: Alexander Wang | Chasity Belt Bag

2: THEORY | Post Saddle Belt Bag

3: Madewell | Asheville Saddlebag Pouch Belt

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