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written by Jade July 15, 2016

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24 hours in NYC and I spent it at the BORO Hotel. I had a job interview and decided to stay at the Boro Hotel because of its close proximity to my interview and of course the windows. Ceiling to floor windows are a weakness of mine. I am obsessed with natural light because EVERYTHING looks better in great lighting. Lol. The raw concrete ceiling and light wood floors made my minimalist heart skip multiple beats. I also got the chance to try their in room breakfast and they have a great selection of options. I’m vegetarian so I definitely got the pancakes with a side of pan fried potatoes. The only thing that I didn’t like which is a pet peeve of mine is that some of my pancakes and the entire bowl of potatoes had a hint of meat taste to them. So if your ever in the area I would suggest staying at the Boro for its gorgeous and clean spaces but if your vegetarian or vegan skip the in-room dining. 


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