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written by Jade June 8, 2010



Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit lack luster about fashion & art. But this morning when I visited my FAVORITE site of ALL TIME my drive and inspiration was reignited. When I stumbled upon Style Like You   a year ago I instantly fell in love. Having the opportunity to view and gain insight into an individuals’ personal style excites me. Standing against the grain and wearing what you feel confident in and not apologizing for what others may see as unattractive or weird is inspirational and non the less exciting, that I too, may wear what I love and not give a jack about how others perceive me through my dress. What I know and understand about myself and the way I express myself through my clothes is more than just putting on an outfit to look “cute” but to wear pieces and garments that exemplify art beyond the traditional concepts of photography, viewing a painting in an art gallery, or the creation of a sculpture. My personal style is my art.

Some of my favorites.  

[vimeo 7545134]
[vimeo 7453943]
[vimeo 7153699]
[vimeo 8921201]
[vimeo 10622752]
[vimeo 7963115]
[vimeo 11091625]
[vimeo 9414007]
[vimeo 8704786]
[vimeo 8045292]

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